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August 1, 2011 Syrian Church attacked with bombs in Kirkuk, while car bombs simultaneously discovered outside Anglican and Mar Gourgis Churches in same city,

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March 19 2011  USA attacks Libya  see Video below

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IRAQ IN FUTURE BIBLE PROPHECY...What happens AFTER the American prescence in Iraq.
America is currently embroiled in a lengthy conflict at this time in IRAQ. And we at Last Days want to tell all our men and women of the military, we support you, and we pray for you and for your safety. We have one family member on his third war time tour now, and another one probably soon to join him.
Many people ask, Is this in the Bible?  In spite of twisted references from Jeremiah 50, I say NO it is not specifically in the Bible...this American intervention anyway. But the Bible does speak of the future of the land that is now IRAQ, in the end days before the coming of our Lord and Saviour JESUS.
When we look at Revelation 13 we see the Beast that comes up out of the sea. The SEA is the sea of nations. This beast is the Antichrist and his empire. (his original empire, before it conquers the world. It is LIKE the leopard beast of Daniel but it is NOT is LIKE it. The leopard of Daniel is the whole Alexander the Great Empire...the land that became the Seleucid Empire in Asia, and then was variously controlled by the Romans, the Byzantine Romans, the Parthians, and now the ARABS. It the beast; has the feet of the Daniel the Bear Beast wwas Media-Persia (modern day IRAN), and it has the MOUTH of the Lion beast of Daniel. (the lion beast was the Babylonian Empire of Nebuchadnezzar). So there will be A UNITING ELEMENT for IRAN, IRAQ, and all the eastern Arab countries...I dare say that this union will NOT be brought about by America...but rather will be instigated by the satanic antichrist as uses the headstrong zeal of the arabs and connives them into following him in his evil designs. Therefore, IRAQ must probably be going to become some sort of ISLAMIC republic, before the day when it hands its authority along with Iran, over to the antichrist.
Remember, "CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS" (ICOR 15:3) and HE IS RISEN and will save WHOSOEVER WILL that will come to Him in repentance of their sins and place life changing faith in Him (ROM 10:10-13) Acts 2:38 then tells us to be BAPTIZED in JESUS' Name for the REMISSION of our sins, and receive the HOLY GHOST.
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Also, make sure you check out our page 5 in this series, on: Where does the Antichrist come from. The Bible is very specific on this, and it may surprise some.
UPDATE: We now know that in addition to the sectarian Islamic violence in Iraq, that there is now a persecution of Christians and other minorities that is not being noticed by the media. The recor of St. George's Anglican Church of Baghdad reports that 36 members of his congregation have been kidnapped, and only has been freed. In addition, all the remaining Jews of Baghdad are in complete hiding.
We must continue to pray for the persecuted believers in Iraq and other places, like Darfur and Myanmar, who are literallly being martyred for the testimony of their saving Faith in Jesus Christ. May the Lord grant us the holy boldness which these witnesses of Him have in the face of life threatening dangers.
Now, several years after I wrote these words above, we continue to see Christian believers persecuted for their faith in Christ there in Iraq. Pray for the safety of all Christians in Iraq: Assyrian (Chaldean/Nestorian); West Syrian Jacobite Christians, Evangelicals, Anglicans at St. George's Cathedral, Chaldean Catholics and others...all share equally in the danger...and all place their testimony in Christ above the value of their own lives, and they demonstrate this though their bravery day by day...many have been called upon to give their lives up, lkike the martyrs of old, to die for the testimony of Jesus. Below are examples of their courage and their faith.

Early Post-Biblical Pre-Trib rapture teaching by Ephraem the Syrian around 373 AD:
"For all the saints and Elect of God are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come, and are taken to the Lord lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins"

BAGHDAD IRAQ, Oct 31 2010 seven Iraqi Christians died on Sunday when police stormed a Baghdad church where gunmen were holding dozens of parishioners hostage, threatening to kill them if al Qaeda prisoners were not released.

between seven and 10 hostages and seven members of the Iraqi security forces, and five to seven attackers, were killed in the rescue operation.

Witnesses reported seeing  bodies inside the church after the terrorists with  suicide vests  blew themselves up as govt. forces stormed the sanctuary.

The murderers laid siege to one of Baghdad's biggest Nestorian churches as more than 100 believers attended Sunday mass  near the heavily fortified Green Zone

Lieutenant Colonel  Bloom,  U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, says three militants exploded their suicide vests as govt. forces stormed the church. He said a total of 120 hostages were detained by the assailants, and that 30 people were wounded.

,The Iraqi civil defence spokesman, says 15 civilians, four policemen and eight attackers were killed.

Al Qaeda's Iraqi spokespeple claimed responsibility for this devilish attack on "the dirty place of the infidel which Iraqi Christians have long used as a base to fight Islam".as they blaspheme Christ's Church with their slurs. 

The murderors say this is  an action against the Christian church in Egypt.

As the battle happened, army helicopters flew low overhead and guns  fired out in the  populated l neighborhood. Streets around the Assyrian Catholic church were quickly blocked off.

There was a Christian woman who was held inside in the Assyrian Church said...were many bodies inside.

"While I was trying to find my way out, in the dark, I walked over bodies," the parishoner said,  "There are many bodies there."
NOTE: ORIGINALLY WE REPORTED THAT SEVEN BELIEVERS DIES...NOW THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT SAYS 46 died, out of 100 in the Church). Pray for their families and those who survived.
(Below is a photo of the interior of the Sanctuary of the Cathedral after the attack by the Al-Qaeda)


 Now, al-Qaeda says that "All Christian centres, organisations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the mujahedeen (holy warriors) wherever they can reach them," in a statement by  self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), a local branch of Osama bin Laden's jihadist network.

 Its gunmen were the attackers  at the Syrian Nestorian  Baghdad cathedral on Sunday Nov 2 2010 that ended with the deaths of 46 believers, including two Nestorian Christian priests.

This is confirmed by  Chaldean bishop,the Most Rev. Shlimoune Wardouni

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Important Ministry Update:
from: Pastor David Ellis
Nov. 03, 2010
It has come to my attention, after seeing the text of the Bible Code III book (by Michael Drosnin) that through his research of the Bible Code and current affairs political and military; that he claims there are strong indications that the Al-Qaeda and Bin-Laden will come to possess, or may already possess nuclear weapons, which they would, then  in turn, attempt to explode or shoot into our Western, specifically, American Nation. I can neither confirm nor disavow the allegations of Mr. Drosnin. I have, however, been very aware of the so-called "Bible Code" research since I first began to read extensively about it back in 1997. Since that time, Rev. Paul Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Rev. Grant Jeffrey, have both come out with excellent books on the workings of the Torah Code, laced through all five Books of Moses. So, I believe that this all bears diligent watching, and would sincerely and earnestly implore all Christians to pray for  the 1. National Repentance of this country, that we will be delivered from such catastrophes, and come to serve God as a nation once again; 2. Pray for both America and the Nation of Israel to have God-given success in hunting Al-Qaeda; and 3. Pray for the personal safety of the President of the United States. All these things I sincerely commend to you, our readers and brethren in Christ, in Jesus' Holy Name.


Rev. David and Rhonda Ellis wish you and yours a joyous Christmas season

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He is Risen and is victorious over Hell, Death and the Grave...and He is Coming Back soon...Are you ready to go forth to meet Him?